Jacky will be very pleased to consider your request for a commissioned painting.

You may choose to have your commissioned picture produced in either water colour or pastel mediums.
Jacky will work from single or multiple photographs of the subject. The photographs must be of a reasonable quality and display the pose that you require.
If the subject is to be a person or an animal then a selection of photographs of the subject will probably be required (Please ensure that each photograph is clearly marked with your address).

If necessary then Jacky reserves the right to decline the commission for whatever reason.

All photographs will be returned to the sender.

Please browse the gallery of paintings of typical commissioned work.

Commissioned paintings will be charged at £300 for a single subject. The picture will suit a 20" x 16" frame. The actual picture size will be approximately 15" x 11". The picture will normally be delivered mounted in a card surround, for you to frame. Special arrangements may be made for the picture to be framed. If you require me to frame, then typically £50, would be added to the cost of the basic picture.

Larger pictures can be made available. Please e-mail giving the details. A quotation will be prepared for your consideration.

For pictures requiring multiple subjects then add £50 for each additional subject.

A non refundable deposit of 10% of the price must be paid before work will commence. The balance will be required on completion and before the work is dispatched.

The length of time taken to provide your painting will be determined by the work load at the time. If you have a specific date in mind then please allow typically 8 weeks to for all preparatory work and delivery to be made. It may be possible to meet shorter time scales, but only by special arrangement.

If you are interested in a commission, then please e-mail me at supplying the following details. I will then give my initial acceptance of the commission and request that you dispatch the photographs and initial deposit for the work to commence.

· Name and Address
· Contact Telephone Number
· Size of picture required
· Number of subjects
· Framed or Unframed
· Delivery date required
· Is it a secret?
If you are making this request in confidence i.e. The painting is to be a present. Then I will be sure to speak only to you If I need to phone you.